Wajãpi special

Coverage of the Indigenous Wajãpi Land invasion and attack's case

A barbaric crime!

A chief of the Wajãpi people, who suffered so much at the hands of non-Indiagenous, reaching near extinction twice, was a victim of a deadly attack by a man, supposedly a illegal miner, that invaded the Wajãpi Indigenous Land and committed a very brutal and violent. With stabs, he killed and pierced many body parts of the Indigenous leadership.

Coincidental or not, the attack took place in the very same day that President Jair Bolsonaro the defended the release of indigenous lands to mining companies.

Media NINJA is following the case and all its developments, demanding a serious, committed and true investigation, as well as the safety of the other Wajãpi Indigenous who live in times of terror.

Check out all stories and videos about the case in this special report.

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Fifth APINA’s Statement About the Invasion of Wajãpi Indigenous Land

We, the Council of Wajãpi Villages-APINA, want to disclose a few newest information about the invasion of the Wajãpi Indigenous Land. Until now, our warriors are following tracks in the forest. But, now, these searches are being done mainly in the region where the Felicio River crosses the 210-Highway, where we saw the latest tracks. […]