Foto: Mídia Índia

We major representatives of the 16 indigenous peoples of the Xingu Indigenous Territory (Aweti, Matipu, Mehinako, Kamaiurá, Kuikuro, Kisedje, Ikpeng, Yudjá, Kawaiweté, Kalapalo, Narovuto, Waurá, Yawalapiti, Trumai, Nafukuá and Tapayuna), we came before the Brazilian society to repudiate the intention of the Brazilian Government to include the indigenous Ysani Kalapalo in the official delegation of Brazil to participate in the United Nations General Assembly to be held in New York City on September 23, 2019.

The Brazilian government once again demonstrates with this attitude the disrespect to the renowned indigenous peoples and leaders of Xingu and other national leaders, disrespecting the individual capacity of indigenous peoples’ organizations to make decisions and appoint their representatives at national and international events.

The Brazilian government offends the indigenous leaders of Xingu and Brazil by highlighting an indigenous woman who has been constantly working on social media with the sole purpose of offending and demoralizing Brazil’s indigenous leaders and movement.

The 16 indigenous peoples of the Xingu Indigenous Territory through their chiefs reaffirm their right of decision autonomy through their own governance system composed of all the main chiefs of the Xingu people.

The Brazilian government, not content with attacks on indigenous peoples in Brazil, now wants to legitimize its anti-indigenous policy by using an indigenous figure sympathetic to its radical ideologies with the intention of convincing the international community of its colonialist and ethnocidal policy.

We do not accept and will never accept the Brazilian government appointing our indigenous representation on its own without consulting us through our recognized and supported organizations and leaders.

Attest this letter:

Tafukuma Kalapalo / Kalapalo People’s Chief
Aritana Yawalapiti / Yawalapiti People’s Chief
Afukaká Kuikuro / Kuikuro People’s Chief
Kotok Kamaiurá / Kamaiurá People’s Chief
Atakaho waurá / Wauja People’s Chief
Tirefé Nafukuá / Nafukua People’s Chief
Arifira Matipu / Matipu People’s Chief
Awajatu Aweti / Aweti People’s Chief
Mayukuti Mehinako / Mehinako People’s Chief
Kowo Trumai / Trumai People’s Chief
Melobo Ikpeng / Ikpeng People’s Chief
Kuiussi Suya / Kisedje People’s Chief
Sadeá Yudjá / Yudja People’s Chief
Mairawe Kaiabi / Kawaiwete People’s Chief
Xingu Indigenous Land Association – ATIX