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It is not neutralizing Lula that the new will emerge! One of the biggest fallacies of those who “preferred not” to position themselves along this process that began with an illegitimate impeachment and culminated yesterday with the arrest of Lula, producing a gigantic commotion and a new horizon of political configurations is the attempt to imprison Lula as “what has to disappear” to free us from “polarization”, which has to “disappear” from the political scene to release the new! What has to disappear so that other causes, patterns and forms of politics can emerge!

Myopia in this type of argument is precisely to think in a dualistic and manichean way, just like those who found in Lula the “scapegoat” for all the evils of corruption. Lula became a sign of evil being extirpated from the hysterical anti-petism and Lula the evil to be “neutralized” from the weighted, the balanced, from those who want to “accelerate” the emergence of the new!

For these, with oedipal dilemmas and conflicts, have to kill their father! The problem would be the excess of greatness of Lula who projects his shadow on the new one! Breathe relieved in the background with this prison! Now, we can reset the game.

The stupidity is to think that Lula is not exactly (was and is) one of the conditions of possibility of new that emerged from that period of a convulsing democracy that we live.

This extraordinary journey made Brazil produce new subjects of discourse: from the emergence of the potency of the hood’s cultures to the new feminisms, from the emplacement of the classic social and cultural movements (MTST, MST) to afrofuturism, the culture of pop diversity and places of speech, the experiences of the new urban bands like Fora do Eixo, the free media, etc.

There is a Lula in these new young and black leaderships that have emerged in the favelas. Marielles are part of this process and this Lula effect. It is not a cult of personality, but a complex and intricate historical processes. Where Lula is one of the hubs, intercessors, idea, concept, etc.

Lula, and the process around him, Lula-idea, Lula-concept, as intercessor and not “personality” or “messianism”, was and is the condition of possibility of the new and not the shadow that silence and prevents the becoming.

Lula has transcended the left field long ago! It no longer belongs to the PT, no longer belongs to a “party”, so the fight against its arbitrary arrest and its entire life journey is already one of those fundamental stones that has been thrown and produces waves more and more wide. In a country that is disenchanted, brutalized, violated, we can not afford the (stingy) luxury of rioting Lula.

A significant fact yesterday in São Bernardo was when the PCO, in opposition to the PT’s, lawyers and Lula’s own desire, tried to prevent him from turning himself to the Federal Police, in an event out of control, tense and pointing to this uncontrollable figure and legacy of Lula. Lula does not belong to anyone anymore!

Yesterday, after 24 hours following the free media, networks, close friends, telegram chats and whatsapp everything that happened, I could feel this enlarged, generous, extended perception of Lula and those processes that we have been experiencing in a tremendous speed.

The coming to sense of the artists, ex-militants of PT, disenchanted, family, people who didn’t give a damn about nothing! We know that the processes are complex, they bring thousands of errors, deviations, misunderstandings and all the criticisms have to be made, but none of this neutralizes the greatness and richness of this process headed by Lula.

The only time I really cried was when, after that long procession through the streets of Sao Paulo, the tiny, fragile, twin engine plane of the Federal Police took off from Congonhas, taking Lula already trapped.

But even this image was paradoxical, in the smallest space in the world, imprisoned, Lula flew over the city that gave him everything. And the prison was already a flight. #LulaLivre

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