Foto: Apu Gomes

The Articulation of Indigenous Peoples Association of Brazil (APIB) here expresses its repudiation and revolt with this act of violence against the indigenous peoples of Brazil, which this time fatally targeted cacique Emyra, leader of the Wajãpi people in the state of Amapá in the village Mariri. According to information released by local leaders, the criminals were miners, directly responsible for the death of the leadership.

APIB stands by the Wajãpi People in the struggle for their constitutional and original rights and also by the Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of the State of Amapá (APOIANP) and the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon – COIAB, against this criminal action.

The attempt of the Federal Government and Amapá authorities to disqualify the accusation is unacceptable, reinforcing to the public opinion a version that puts in doubt the report of the victims, who are at the mercy of the will and violence of the criminals.

Jair Bolsonaro, who assumes himself as the agribusiness government, is already consolidating himself as Trump’s puppet, genocidal government, omitting his constitutional obligation to protect the Federal’s assets, such as indigenous lands. Are criminous his statements, which instigates mining in indigenous lands and outrage Brazilian Constitution and de Rule of Law.

The preservation of indigenous territories, woods and forests is today a worldwide concern, given the alarming rates caused by climate change worldwide. Here we find that violence, the destruction of the environment and all the common goods have connivance of the State.

APIB demands from the federal public administration bodies and other state powers appropriate administrative and judicial measures to end the invasions of indigenous territories that endanger the physical and cultural integrity of our peoples. And we require a serious investigation about what happened by the competent authorities, with the full force of the law.

Brasília – DF, July 29, 2019.
Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil – APIB